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A curious man, living in a curious world.

Sweety, let me see what you got inside.

In 1896, Becquerel had registered the very first spontaneous radioactivity while working on x-rays. A mere accident allowed him to detect remarkable, not-seen-before phenomenon.

To some degree, all discoveries are like rolling a dice. What, once thought out, is kind of funny; because all initial conditions must be met, without any knowledge about them. Like walking around a place would surprisingly lead to discovering Atlantis. From radioactivity through penicillium and far beyond, this scenario repeats all the time.

Becquerel’s experimenting set was:

  • fluorescent mineral, for they can…

Understanding the sun-to-planets absolute distances was a long-run investigation proceeding with new scientific-tools and new laws. As a police case requires time and symmetry of action that concatenates all threads within one bracket, space exploration is alike.

At the time of Venus transit in 1761, scientists had all to kill the bird once and for all. Equipped with a plan born in Halley’s mind, they got up to work; and passed, being only 2–3% offs.

However, years before, even excluding the ancient Greece astronomers, attempts were made by many others, among which was one by Jeremy Horrocks in 1639.


And how to repair physics

(Further to the Michelson-Morley experiment)

Once the door for studying light was opened with Maxwell-equations, physics, instead of move ahead further, was nearly collapse under the weight of the past. Experiments made to tell the Earth’s absolute speed through the hypothetical aether did not show anything besides incorrectness. Maybe I am overreacting a little with those black clouds gathered in the sky; nonetheless, physics was in a corner — harmony disturbed was demanded to return.

The Michelson-Morley and other experiments show that the principle of relativity is obeyed by light what stayed in contradiction with assumptions made by following the…

Light, you are the strangest thing I have ever “seen.”

History has moments defining the future for decades or even centuries. The collectiveness of many people triggers a countdown for the upcoming revolution of the world. Last was between the second and first half of the 19th and 20th centuries, at least in science. It might seem like our civilization has made progress since then, but I would not call it a day. Modern findings appear to me as honing a known without reaching for the unknown.

But it has to be that way because science is a teamplay game, played all together with all generations.

I do not deprive…

How and why they appear in the sky.

Rainbows, who could remain untouched when run upon it? From ancient to nowadays times, it is an omen for an upcoming fortune, success, happiness, just positives, and no disasters. No surprise, though, because people feel good vibes during beautiful phenomena, they want to link them with heart-warming feelings. Some folk tales and legends go a step further and materialize it with a promise that a chest of gold, guarded by a gnome, waits at the end of the rainbow. Whether or not the chest of gold awaits for treasure hunters, rainbows will not stop please the eye.

I was an…

Which path minimizes the distance needed to get water and then transport it to the green village?

Imagine being alive in the ancient world where physical works like carrying logs from the forest, lifting heavy blocks, or bringing water from the river decide between life-or-death. Who would thought nowadays that an apartment might lack a water supply? Such a fact would be a reason to sue the developer. But. head back to “your new old home.”

You are a citizen of the red village, and you were asked by your family from another settlement, which is on the same side of the straight river as yours, to get and bring them water. …

The hypothetical scenario came true; what should we do?

Our intelligence on the alien spaceship reports that their war council approved invasion on Earth. They are coming!

Yeah, after reading this, you are probably like… wait, what? Agents… ON THEIR SPACESHIP!? Sir, are you high? I must relay to you that I am not.😃

Just saying that since alien’s system is vulnerable on our computer viruses by which we could deactivate their force fields (what movie I am referring to?), we might have men on 👽 spaceship. Same logic.

Maybe their plaintiff to conquer us eventuated from an earlier anonymous visit on Earth that took place after hearing a…

What is the most deadly of all illnesses in the world?

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Neither of us lives in an empty abyss; hence, no absolute answer exists to this question. Everyday experience shapes our world and our thoughts. Depending on what you have come up against in your life, you may say it is cancer, diabetes, or Alzheimer’s disease.


Get beyond your skin and observe the view, examining difficulties that people experience daily. Look into your boss’s house to find out how disrespectful his kids are, at your own boys to learn what problems they have, or at your wife to understand why she does not want to talk to you. The ability…

Construction of an equilateral triangle on a given finite straight-line, reconstruction of a given finite straight-line at a given point.


Some books speak for themselves. Without further ado, readers know what they are about. Definitely, Euclid’s Elements, which until the XX century backed down primacy only to Holly Bible, belongs to them. The book was the most used textbook to study mathematics for over 2000 years. It tells a lot.

Galileo Galilei had used stored-in knowledge across all his works.

Abraham Lincoln kept a copy on his bookshelf. For every trip, he packed it in his saddlebag to study it at nights within lamplight.

Albert Einstein had said that along with his compass, it was the best gift he got…

Gravitation is ubiquitous. Its presence is felt at any place. Isolation doesn’t exist in the universe; everything is connected to everything else. A thrown-up apple attracts our planet whereas our planet attracts the apple. Doesn’t it sound great? How cool is that? Whatever you hold in your hand has enough power for moving the Earth. Of course, this effect isn’t any huge but its existence is. I don’t know how about you, but this makes me feel so powerful. Even more, there is a saying that some people are drawn to each other for which, as you now know, a…

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